Regan is your average guy working a dead-end job, with video games as his only outlet—that is until a sexy woman from outer space abducts him.

Now he’s caught up in a life of constant ray gun shootouts, harrowing space battles in a rickety old ship, and confronting enemies on every front. His list of foes includes pirates looking to loot him, a maniacal species collector who wants to add him to the collection, and a colony of brutes who prefer to solve their problems with giant axes.

And you know what? Regan’s having a blast. He has the help of curvaceous, flirty, cunning alien women who all think he’s the epitome of manliness. The funny thing is, he’s quickly becoming the hero they believe he is.

If only he wasn’t wanted across the entire galaxy…

Disclaimer: This book contains a harem of hot space babes, along with explicit scenes of sex and violence. You’ve been warned!

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