Sebastian Frost’s territory had grown massively as did his reputation.

He was the Herald of Shalia that married a demoness, invited hundreds of Arachne to live in his territory, and married a princess of Zira all in the same week. All while securing peace and trade agreements with the two largest countries on the continent.

Herald Frost wasn’t merely a deviant herald that laid with demihumans. He was a highly capable deviant herald that laid with demihumans. Which was one of the reasons why demihumans were coming from all over to join his territory.

His reputation even crossed the ocean and when Cassia, the Prophet of Shalia, heard about Frost, she hopped on the first ship back home to meet the herald.

Herald of Shalia is a fun fantasy Light LitRPG/Gamelit by Tamryn Tamer and contains attention starved elves, Arachne Queens, demonic princesses, foxy madams, foul language, and completely over the top love making. You’ve been warned.

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