Sebastian Frost was a man with an interesting reputation. He’d killed 12 giants, eight heroes, a duke, and even a prince. 

But nobody ever talked about any of that. 

All they talked about was the deviant, disgusting, detestable Herald of Shalia that shamelessly laid with elves. That was because in the strange world based on game mechanics Frost found himself in, laying with elves was somehow treated like laying with animals. 

Naturally, they weren’t calling him Herald Frost the giant killer. 

Despite his less than dignified reputation, Frost was set to marry Princess Brynn Hilde Leaucault of the neighboring country of Zira. If everything went well, the marriage would earn him an amazingly talented wife and hopefully improve his rocky relationship with the powerful country. 

Although Zira wasn’t the only country he had to worry about. 

King Darius Asmund of Rilia requested an audience with Frost and since the man commanded one of the largest armies on the continent, he was inclined to take the meeting. Even if the brutal warlord had a reputation for killing heralds. 

Frost just wished he knew why the herald killing king was so interested in his own lascivious reputation. 

Herald of Shalia is a fun fantasy Light LitRPG/Gamelit by Tamryn Tamer and contains attention starved elves, demonic princesses, foul language, twosomes, threesomes, and foursomes, and completely over the top love making. You’ve been warned. 

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