It is wonderful to receive gifts on the Eve of Christmas. Even while serving on duty in a far northern, military outpost, Greg and Paula have found time to share in the spirit of giving. What they didn’t expect was a gift that would change their lives: the gift of a puzzle that cannot be solved.

Unable to let this puzzle rest, the pair embarks on a quest of discovery that most would decry as insane or as nothing more than a conspiracy. It is a mystery wrapped up in the mythology and wonder surrounding Christmas.

What are these strange gifts who appear in the homes of so many across the world? Is Santa Claus real? If so, what is his purpose? Does he truly seek to judge the Naughty and the Nice? Or do these gifts have an entirely different purpose?

One thing is true: Greg and Paula are too committed to stop. They will figure this out, no matter what it takes. If Santa Claus is indeed real, they will find him!

==== Fair Warning! ====

This is a Christmas themed story with a twist! Along with a few holiday sentiments, get ready for a little action, danger and generosity. That… and some intense, erotic scenes with harem elements, light BDSM play and sexy fun.

For the entertainment of adults only!

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