All hell is about to break loose in Sam Archer’s life, as horrible events take place one after another. He and his family thought their immediate problems were over after the defeat of the villainous hero Blaze Maddox, but his death was just the beginning.
      Danger is coming from all sides, and it turns out that Sam isn’t the only one with a target on his head.
      As each disaster nearly destroys his world, Sam is presented with life-altering choices that not only affect him, but everyone in his life as well. However, one thing is quickly becoming clear – he isn’t in it alone, and there is truly strength in numbers.
      But will everyone’s help be enough? And when the unthinkable happens, can he make the ultimate sacrifice?

Warning: This book contains adult content that may not be suitable for all audiences, including adult scenes and slight harem elements.

      I had lived the last century of my life being reminded of the fact that I was unkillable. But what if I could die for someone I loved? Would I throw it all away to save them? Would I make the ultimate sacrifice to defend them to the death?
      Pointless questions for someone who isn’t capable of death.
      But what if I could die? Would I do it?
      If I was again faced with the horror of holding someone I loved in my arms while their life faded away forever, what would I sacrifice to end that nightmare? What would I give to save my love?
      My immortality.
      My life.

The Sacrificial Love of an Immortal is a full-length novel.
Genres: Men’s Fantasy, Superpower Fantasy, Superhero Adventure, Superpower Romance.

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