After adding the spider goddess Itrix, Lady of Chaos to his ever-expanding group of monster girls, Keaton is given the ability to grow his dungeon in ways he never imagined. New facilities, new minions, new items to craft — all done in a fraction of the time it took him before.

But all of that power comes at a cost. Itrix demands that he conquer more dungeons, and as Keaton and his girls invade the lairs of rival lords, they stumble upon more than they ever bargained for in the form of an ancient dragon.

If they hope to have any chance of defeating him, Keaton will have to make decisions he never wanted to make. Decisions like encouraging Adriana to nurture the ancient power that dwells within her — a power that could very well consume her.

When all is said and done, Keaton will have to rely on his bond with his lieutenants… or risk losing them forever.

Warning: Lord of Vengeance is for adult readers only. This book contains explicit sex between a dungeon lord and his monster girl harem. It also contains light game-like mechanics including leveling and progression, crafting, dungeon building, and dungeon diving.

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