A gamer accepts a journey with only one objective… level up or die.

Louis Rondo, an eSports competitor struggling to make ends meet, is one loss away from quitting eSports forever when he is whisked away through a portal to a parallel underworld. He is bestowed with a gaming controller that has the ability to control mystical fighters. Competition is fierce as competitors strive to defeat Louis’s team with fists, magic, and guns. If he can’t measure up, they’ll kill him.

As Louis takes control of two beautiful arena fighters, he must level up and win his way through the ranks to survive all while being ambushed by assassins, attacked by drive-by shooters, and mindjobbed by his snotty rival enemy, top competitor Eric Duval.

Will Louis make it to the final battle to claim his prize, or will his next battle be his last?

Next Battle is the first book in a LitRPG harem series with high intensity action, smoking hot babes, and a cyberpunk aesthetic blended with mysticism. If you liked The Valens Legacy Series, you’ll love this new high-octane LitRPG series.

To get in on the action, smash that buy button and join Louis on his quest to the top.

Warning! This book is about grown-ups doing grown-up things with cars, guns, fire, magic, mystical beings, and each other’s bodies. Enjoy responsibly.

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