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Harem GameLit Highlight: Meta Marshall Service

Welcome to the Meta Marshal Service.

Jared craved an ordinary life. Clock in, do paperwork, clock out. He gave up magic, joined the Meta Marshal Service, and just wanted to be left alone.

Until a routine prisoner transport went awry and blew up his entire existence.

That was when he found Cassie down on her knees in the wreckage, asking him for help.

And he knew in that instant: Magic just wouldn’t leave him alone.

Now he’s on a hunt for an escaped convict and a powerful ancient artifact with the potential to ruin their world for good.

Jared better embrace his power, hunt down the bad guy, and keep his girls together, or else he’ll never get that peace and quiet back.

Warning: This book contains explicit scenes, some violence, a weird magic system, an overly bubbly shifter girl, and a harem relationship.

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