Can a curse be a blessing? Can dark power right a great wrong and heal a broken world?

Jaryd is a bartender and woodcutter for the Brass Bat Tavern and Inn. When he is not tending bar, chopping down trees or fighting off simple undead, he often buries himself in books to escape his sordid past. With his friends, they try to lead a simple life on the outskirts of nowhere.

When a great evil reaches the lone inn, Jaryd becomes cursed to take on the mantle of Midknight, tasked with protecting a group of powerful undead in a nearby dungeon, whether he wants to or not.

Jaryd will have to navigate undead politics and traditions while protecting his friends from a fate worst than death.

Can Jaryd become powerful enough to fight a growing evil that threatens the realm of Ikkudran? Will his own thirst for power and justice consume him? Can he craft his armor, gain magical weapons and defeat a hidden enemy before his soul is taken by the very undead he swore to protect?

*Midknight: A Doom of Liches, is for mature readers, 18 and up.

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