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Harem GameLit Highlight: Power Fantasy

Many people wish that they could visit their favorite anime, videogame, or fictional worlds in general. They would kick the villain’s ass. Look cool. Get the girl, or even all of the girls. Perhaps even the guys! It is current year after all.
What happens when a cosmic entity born of the human desire to parody mainstream organized religion decides to grant such a wish purely on a whim? A bizarre cross-world waifu harem collecting Litrpg adventure, that’s what!
Join Scott Ambrose as he comes to terms with his strange new life in the Shattered Earth, a realm separate from our own where multiple versions of Earth have blended together with pop-culture and dank Internet memes to create an ever-increasing set of worlds to explore, many of which appear at first glance to be parodies of popular anime and games!
See what lies in store for the man who got what he wished for without realizing just what it would mean if that wish ever came true.
Touch greatness. Witness the truth. Anime waifus await!
This work of parody Gamelit features commentary on the nature of certain characters, storylines, and what the Internet fandoms have done to them. A legendary game for the ages, where the only one keeping score is the player himself! However, this story does also feature graphic violence and occasional sexual shenanigans. Adult humor abounds, and immature humor is even more apparent!

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