Nick and the ladies are taking their talents to South Beach!

Rescued from the zombie horde in downtown Washington, D.C., Nick and the ladies are whisked away to a top-secret military installation run by what’s left of the government. But the installation is hours away from being overrun, so Nick’s offered a deal: lead a team down to Miami, locate a hidden CDC lab, and recover a drug that may be an antidote to the zombie virus. 

Catching some rays in South Beach with a harem of beautiful ladies in tiny bikinis? What’s not to love? But Nick’s happiness is tempered when he discovers that the city is flooded, filled with millions of hungry zombies, sharks, alligators, and bandits led by a crooked DEA official who are cruising around on armored speed boats. 

Forced to team up with a sexy female pirate named Sadie, Nick and ladies decide to hit the zombies and the bandits head-on in a series of spectacular battles across Miami’s new system of canals, racing to locate the lab and find the antidote before the bad guys do.

If your idea of a high-concept harem adventure involves hot ladies, big guns, and bigger explosions (without any of those pesky fades to black), than this book is for you. Pick it up today and see what all the fuss is about!

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