Lorean just sped across the galaxy to a strange planet,
upgraded his first alien hybrid woman/vehicle,
and now will race to his inevitable death.

Lorean Michaels, a budding stunt driver, will travel back home after his father’s passing to find he was left a unique vehicle. Never did he think that very car would take him places beyond his wildest dreams. Now, he must protect a team of high-octane women, unlock transformations, and ultimately win their freedom.

However, there is something more than just ravenous racers wanting him dead in twisted metal fashion: Perhaps winning isn’t everything he had imagined.


Driver Mach 1 is a rush of LitRPG and harem flavors harking back to M.A.S.K., Transformers, and Back to the Future. Crunchy character stats are present, with most being consolidated into a quick view feature with endnotes.

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