The path of a sorcerer is rarely easy—and often sordid.

For many years, Tal Truswell dreamed day and night of leaving his small town of Pole to train in the Guild tower to become a sorcerer—a wish now unfolding.

The underhanded Resmon Riasga has also come to the tower, to fulfill the destiny required of him by his influential family—a duty he’ll pursue at any cost.

The Guild will make their rivalry inevitable…but magical trials, hidden plots, and fierce beautiful women may leave neither man standing in the end.

To keep his dream and himself alive, Tal must harness strange and powerful magic while abiding the enchanting allure of his buxom elf assistant, the feisty claws of his feline shape-shifting familiar, and the strong passions of his half-orc protector.

But will his talent and stamina be up for the challenge?

Warning: This novel contains mature content, including a harem element and explicit sex. It is not meant for readers under 18 years of age.

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