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steel sirens

New Harem GameLit Release: Steel Sirens

steel sirens

I’ve known one thing all my life: I belong to the Fortingall Wood. I was born there and I’ll die there. It’s in my blood.

When slavers of the Hand take my brother, sister, and our entire village I discover nothing I know is true –  not my place as a ranger or even who I am.

With the help of the Sirens, ancient warriors imbued by a goddess, I may have a shot at saving my family. But the Sirens have trouble of their own. If I want their help I’ll have to free each woman from her magic-induced exile.

First, I have to find them.

But beyond the Wood is a land fallen into darkness. I’m too far out to go home and too green to fight what’s coming.  Even with the Sirens by my side, life is a choice between my family or my kingdom.

Is one worth saving without the other?

Steel Sirens takes place withing the Cocidiverse! Yay! If you enjoyed Cocidius I and can’t wait for Cocidius II, you’re saved.

Steel Sirens is an Adult Men’s Harem Adventure. It explores sex, violence, and adult themes with graphic depictions and strong language. Also there’s necromancy. Not intended for readers under 18 or Paladins. 

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