Once a succubus, always a succubus, or so the saying goes. 

When I first met my ex-succubus, as she insisted I call her in spite of that little saying, it was on a rainy day. I saw a flash of light in the sky, blinked to get a better look. 

Bright lights from my side. A horn honking. A woman screaming. 

Come along, I’ll tell you the rest. Basically, this ex-succubus comes along, ropes me into a whole ordeal that involves fighting off her old team of supervillains or aliens, whatever you want to call them. 

Just the two of us? No way in hell! We had to form a team, first, and what a team! 

But I won’t spoil the fun for you, friend. Read on. Enjoy. 

And if you aren’t familiar with harem elements in a story, well, sit down… you might get light headed. Try not to drool.

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