Rule #1 – Make your own damn rules.

I was a bit of a rogue, picking pockets and seducing women, without a care for the future.

Now, with the aid of a beautiful enchantress and a pet rat dragon, I’m out for revenge.

Trouble is, my target is one of the most powerful, ruthless men in the city. But what he doesn’t know is that I’m no longer playing by his rules.

I’m playing by my own.

No matter what dark, hidden secrets I uncover in the process.

The Bastard is the story of Mordie, a hero with a more flexible sense of morality than most. It is set in a Camelot that never existed, and is a tale of swords, secrets, magic, revenge, betrayal, and even a dragon or two. It contains harem elements, nudity, and sex between the hero (if hero is the right word) and multiple partners, all of whom are willing and comfortable with the idea of non-traditional relationships.

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