What if you were drawn into a magical world of elves and monsters, one where you had become an Ultimate Mage, would you be ready to deal with the evil that dwelt in that world?

Would you be prepared to do what you had to do if the vilest monsters of that world were resurrected, ready to lay waste to your friends, your lovers, everything you saved with your magical powers?

And, if it came down to war, war against an entire army of fanged, magic-wielding monsters, would you rally the other two realms and put yourself at the vanguard of the defense? Could you stand against these merciless monsters, things that would make even an Ultimate Mage take pause?

I hope so, because you don’t have a choice. An Ultimatum has been laid down, and it’s up to you to save the world, if you’ve got the guts and the smarts for it.

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