Jason Morgan hates his life.

Three years ago, a car accident landed him in a wheelchair. After two experimental surgeries, he still can’t walk. Now broke and living as a ward of the state, Jason wants nothing more than to walk again and to get out of this hellhole of a hospital.

Enter Games For Life, a gaming company that runs a massive VRMMORPG system. They invite Jason to test their groundbreaking pod technology. In their gaming world, destiny, time, and reality are not what they seem. There, he can even walk again! What could possibly go wrong?

Maybe he should have read the fine print on the contract a little more closely. He just wanted to build a cabin in the woods, but apparently the gods of this game had other plans for him…and they are not what he expected. As he explores this new world, he’ll discover whether or not it can offer what he’s been waiting for all his life. But adventure waits for no one, especially when it comes looking for you.

This book contains a fantasy harem, strong language, and adult situations.

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