Good Intentions is not strictly GameLit, but contains most of the tropes found in other books. Also, the harem expands into polyamory. Apart from that, Tess Irondale is absolutely amazing in performing this entire series, and the first book is basically what people think kick-started this whole genre.

Alex Carlisle owes a debt beyond cash. Once upon a time – all of three months ago – Alex found himself in a foreign land hunted by mercenaries and demon lords. Only the intervention of a sultry, playful jinn got him home again. Zafirah didn’t help him for free. Now she’s come to collect. 

With her sights set on a dangerous family of ancient sorcerers, Zafirah needs every edge. She needs not only Alex, but the friends and lovers he brings with him. Her quest threatens to extract a price from angel, demon, and mortal alike…and most especially the witch who brought them all together.

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