The Complete Sword and Sorority Trilogy: Dennis the Conqueror, Swing and Thrust, and Deep Into Destiny.

Galderia is a world of sorcerers and monsters, priestesses and heroes, despots and the desperate.

The Sword and Sorority Trilogy tells the tale of Dennis, an industrious but lonely college student magically summoned from Earth against his will and understanding. As he explores this strange new land, and the women who brought him there, he learns what it means to be a man. In time, he will know what it takes to become a hero.

As foretold in the ancient prophecy, the Guardian of Carnera must face the Dark Lord to save the Galderia.
Dennis once thought college life was tough, but he’s about to get a whole new world worth of perspective.

Welcome to the world of Galderia.

Warning: This series contains explicit content, and is not meant for readers under 18 years of age.

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