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New Harem GameLit Release: American Dragons 10

Something lost has woken up, and now it wants to play.

Steven’s daddy was a gambler, or at least that’s what Steven thought until he discovered his true heritage. After fighting first to survive, then to conquer on every continent and several worlds, Steven has gathered his Escort, acquired a dragon hoard, and built an empire. But there are greater forces at work in the universe than dragons and demons, and it’s Steven’s bad luck that one of those elder things has come looking for him.

Backed by the indomitable Tessa, fiery Aria, the insatiable Quinnestri, and the rest of his wives, Steven has one more hand to play before it’s all over. The stakes are high. Reggie, his daughter, is starting to show her true power. Dragonkin have scattered across the galaxy and, on Earth, they are about to usher in a new age of prosperity, peace, and free love. It all rests on a card game in a place that doesn’t exist, and if Steven isn’t careful, he could take out all of reality with him.

But like Joe Whipp always said, it’s only worth playing if you’ve got skin in the game.

From the Aaron Crash, bestselling author of the LitRPG epic fantasy, War God’s Mantle, comes the FINAL installment in the American Dragons Saga! 

Disclaimer: Wyoming Dynasty is a shoot-em-up, action adventure, urban fantasy novel which is not intended for listeners under the age of 18 years of age. This novel contains swearing, violence, and a harem of beautiful shapeshifting women that the hero regularly sleeps with—and he does so gladly.

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