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New Harem GameLit Release: Solar King 2

Using a powerful mecha known as a Colossus, the Solar King has triumphed.

Together with his Zodiacs, he’s defeated Chimera, the giant alien horror that would have destroyed the city of Lagos, and possibly far more. He’s begun exploring the unique Kosmic relationship that he has with the warrior goddesses known as Zodiacs, and learned that there are ten more somewhere in the galaxy, waiting for him to find them.

Bo travels to another dimension called Aether, where he learns how to upgrade his Colossus, how to raise its stats and even how to combine with his Zodiacs’ colossi.

But he must hurry, as a Kosmic threat is looming, and he still does not realize that something from his past is about to throw off his entire plan of saving the galaxy.

WARNING: This book features city-crushing battles, mystical unions through physical passion, harem relationships and a monarch coming into his own power. For adults only.

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