New Harem GameLit Release: Bad Harem (Kill Team One Book 5)

Beautiful girls enslaved for sex! You won’t believe what these nympho queens will do to survive!

Here at Basement of Doom Publishing, we respect thought-provoking literature with strong female characters and messages that empower women–we just don’t print that kind of shit. That’s definitely somebody else’s job. We print stories about lusty waifus with gigantic tiddies, bodacious beastkin girls, desperate divas driven by deadly desire, sexy tsundere battle maids, and uncomfortably vivid descriptions of sexual intercourse. We do it because we’re write-to-market hacks who will defecate anything into a Kindle book to get your $5, and you’ll find all those defecations right here in Bad Harem!

What’s it about?

It’s about everybody’s favorite gun-slinging, face-punching, machete-chopping, morally bankrupt anti-hero: Sid Hansen. Sid desperately wants to add womanizing to that list of pseudo-adjectives in the last sentence, but he keeps running into the same problem: women hate his guts. He’s tried everything, but every time he tries to talk to a hot chick she ends up telling him to get lost. Sometimes they call the police. Worse yet, Sid has run completely out of money, so he can’t even pay for it anymore. He’s seriously worried he’ll never get laid again.

So when a billionaire puts a price on Sid’s head and a cadre of sultry sex-pot assassins come looking to collect, Sid comes up with a plan so crass, so absurd, so unabashedly sexist, and so death-defying that no one would ever consider it without balls of steel or brains of gelatin. Which of those Sid has is unclear, but one thing is for certain:

It will be a disaster.

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