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Harem GameLit Highlight: Harem Planet : King Sekton’s Harem Planet, Book 1: A Space Opera Harem Adventure

Battle the enemy.
Build a kingdom.
Bed every babe.

The life of Tim Pittwell, a robotics engineer from Earth, is about to change in fantastically intergalactic ways he never imagined possible.

On a strange alien world where sex is illegal and the chief export is beautiful women, high king Sekton Darkstar is the only man allowed to have any of either.
King Sekton also has a royal harem.
Every last woman on the planet.

When a crumbling infrastructure, collapsing economy, and impending intergalactic invasion threaten to tear apart Harem Planet, four beautiful women from King Sekton’s Royal Guard scour the universe for a more competent and capable king.

Turns out, Tim Pittwell is their man.

Although Tim is seemingly under-qualified for the task, he’s up for anything the women of Harem Planet have in mind, no matter how dangerous or delightful.

If Tim isn’t assassinated by space pirates his first day on the job, his new life might just be his wildest dream come true.

* King Sekton’s Harem Planet Book 1 is a portal fantasy, a space opera, and has a heavy emphasis on knuckle-busting action, high-tech crafting, continuous leveling up, and insane power progression.

* * King Sekton’s Harem Planet the series will feature fort building, kingdom building, large scale planetary warfare, intergalactic political gamesmanship and strategic economic battles, crazy alien races, and more space opera splendor than you could ever want.

* * * If you mashup Star Wars, Star Trek, He-Man & the Masters of the Universe, and Thundercats, throw in a little Mobile Suit Gundam, some Transformers, some Robotech, enough gratuitous military and science tech to make Tom Clancy, Robert Heinlein, and Isaac Asimov smile, and you’ll get King Sekton’s Harem Planet.

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Oh, and did I mention babes? Yeah, babes. Lots and lots of babes. Every single one.

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