New Harem GameLit Release: Robot Bangarang

When you’re a demon hunter, you probably shouldn’t invite a succubus into your bed…

Blaze is a highly trained astral marine, fighting demons and saving lives, so he should know better than to bed his latest client. And yet, when she puts a hex on him, suddenly women find him irresistible. Even his ex-wife is eyeing him, which is a problem, because she’s an evil witch. Literally.

Together, Blaze and Mara form an uneasy alliance with a misfit crew of aliens and monsters to track down demons, snare ghosts, and destroy hellish creatures bent on murder—all while trying to close the gates of hell forever.

There’s just one problem. A demon-possessed robot has infiltrated their starship, the Lizzie Borden, and a vicious coven of stellar vampires have stranded them in a graveyard of ships at the edge of known space. All the while, the women on his crew won’t leave Blaze alone!

From Aaron Crash, author of the American Dragons series and the litRPG epic War God’s Mantle, comes a brand new shoot-em-up, action adventure, paranormal space opera you won’t want to put down. This novel contains swearing, violence, cyborg vampires, and a harem of beautiful if somewhat inhuman women that the hero regularly sleeps with—when he’s not hunting demons. Enjoy!

A Note from the Author: ROBOT BANGARANG was originally published as DAMNATION ROBOT and what you are about to read is the re-mix. Now, this is important, if you already read DAMNATION ROBOT, you might think twice about this book. It’s basically the same, except I eased up on some of the horror elements and added some sexy times, so those scenes involve one or more beautiful women.

Now, if you didn’t read DAMNATION ROBOT at all, you’ll probably be fine. I’m Aaron Crash and I approve of this book.

Okay, lastly, if you read and loved DR, this will be a variation on something you already like, which can be fun. I hope it’s fun because I really liked these books. They didn’t quite find their audience, however. Sad face. I’m hoping with a little re-imagining, they’ll find readers who like a little spicy in their supernatural soap opera. Happy face!
I’d like to thank Shadow Alley Press for allowing the re-mix. Also, thanks to Byl Karvetz for being a fan, and all the people who read and left reviews.

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