If you can stop time, you can do whatever you want.

Rylan can slow down time, then act while the rest of the world is frozen. He can pluck arrows from the air, win any fist fight, save innocents from certain death.

Then a goblin army attacked his village.

When a beautiful female mage helps him save his people, Rylan has a choice to make:

Go with her to an academy of mages to learn how to control his power…

Or stand by and let the evil Overlord, a creature with the power to influence others’ minds, take over the world of Voth one kingdom at a time.

Rylan will romance gorgeous women, face incredible dangers, and learn to control his powers in ways he’d never dreamed – all to prepare himself for the day he must battle the Overlord.

The world of Voth has more than enough sorcerers and wizards. What they need is a hero…

And a Time Mage.

Warning: this book contains harem elements and adult situations.

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