New Harem GameLit Release: Iron Mage

They all thought he was a nobody… when he was really the most powerful man in the Badlands.

Javron is a blacksmith in the middle of nowhere. No one knows his secret: that he has a gift far greater than the most powerful wizards in the land. 

He bends metal to his will like a sculptor does clay, and has created the deadliest suit of armor the world has ever known.

Javron’s abilities might have remained a secret forever, until two beautiful women walk through his door.

They need a special artifact only Javron can create. But they’re being pursued by the Bandit King – a half-orc warlord who rules the Badlands, and who wants both women for his twisted plans.

When the two women are threatened, and everything Javron holds dear is endangered, he has to cast off the shroud of secrecy and become the man he was meant to be.

He must become… the Iron Mage.

Warning: this book contains harem elements, violence, and adult situations.

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