The game-testing job was in a dodgy part of town but paid a $10K signing bonus so James Katz went along, just hoping it wasn’t a multilevel marketing scam. Turns out he testing an immersive Fantasy RPG run by an adaptive Ai, Lucy.

Now he’s stuffed in a padded egg, projected into the Nine Realms. It’s realer than real. He can feel it all, pleasure, pain, when a crazed Orc beats him to death…

Quickly killed, he awakens in a graveyard where Scarlet, a hot demoness, bargains a contract with him: she’ll help him out of his grave if he’ll take her to the mysterious Tenth Realm.

He’s in for a week but this is no mere game. The system is beyond anything in existence… and happens to be run by a crime gang in the bad part of town.

There is danger both in and out of the game, and it seems Lucy, the Ai, wants more than the Lubochenko crime family know, or understand.

James soon finds himself caught up in a spider venom operation where the good choice isn’t always clear. But with Scarlet, the hotter than hot demoness by his side, anything is possible.

Warning: adult scenes, themes, violence, greased-up barbarians, ink demons, the undead, talking rabbits, kidnapping, slavery, talking cats, goblins, hot demonesses, a hot pixie, spells, fireballs, lightning bolts, delicious stew, a missing hermit and harem harem harem.

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