At six-feet-eight inches tall, Matthew Simon, a martial arts expert, is the epitome of a Greek god… on the surface. Behind his steely façade is a man who has experienced more losses than one man should. His biological parents are long dead. His adoptive parents have passed. Now, it’s just him and his might alone in the world.

A chance encounter with a woman in need of help exposes him to a danger. His heroic efforts reveal a long-held secret about who he is and what he’s destined to become.

He’s the child of prophecy. Now he must embrace his new role, grow stronger, and make allies before a Dark God exacts his plans to take over the universe—all while testing his prowess with strong, beautiful women who are eager to see what he’s made of.

Warning: Book contains strong sexual themes, a harem of powerful women, brutal battles, evil monsters, and a sadistic Dark God who will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

Find out what happens in this adrenaline-rushing adult fantasy adventure novel!

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