Hot elf girls, magic powers, and an inter-dimensional spaceship. What more could a nerd ask for?

When Theodore visited the new animatronic strip club in town, he didn’t expect the elves the facility was famous for to be actual flesh-and-blood elves. And he definitely didn’t expect to find an inter-dimensional phone booth tucked away in the back room. But find them he did, and before he knew it he’d been sent to a strange and exotic land.

Among The Ten Thousand Worlds, power is free for any with the will and talent to take it. Here, elves practice immortal cultivation, gathering power to increase their personal strength and pursue eternal life. Theo must survive and gather allies, with whom he may just be able to build the greatest clan of all time, all while growing the mysterious power of the game-like interface passed down to him by the alien wizard, and the spaceship he has inherited.
Warning: Zeal of the Mind and Flesh is the first novel of a series containing graphic violence, explicit sex, and a harem of magical girls. Read at your own risk.

As of 10/19/2019, I’ve finished my edits, and even added a number of new scenes. If you bought the book before that date, re-download the book to get all available content! (Current version is 1/01/2020 upload!)

Contains: Harem, Cultivation, Dungeon core, and GameLit elements.

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