What’s There Not To Like About A City Where All The Girlfriends Wear Bikinis?

After beating the Onyx gym leader, Yoshi Soysauce somehow makes it through the Celeste Caverns in one piece. He arrives at Sapphire: the funnest, wettest city in Ohno. At least, according to its mayor.

While navigating the city’s water slides, there’s only one thing on his mind: how to find the money to buy a new GF-wiki to replace his dad’s one that got destroyed in the Caverns. Battling and saving up would take too long. What he needed was a way to get a whole lot of Coins real quick.

Luckily for him, Spence – a cashed up, fellow trainer from Topaz – had a solution. At an abandoned glasshouse just outside Sapphire resided a level 62, grass/dragon-type girlfriend. All Yoshi had to do was help Spence capture her. If he did this, the 200,000 Coin mission reward was his.

However when Yoshi comes face to face with this OP girlfriend, he could not begin to comprehend the impact it would have not only on him, but on the safety of the city of Sapphire as a whole.

(The Catch All The Girlfriends series has explicit sex scenes, violence and a lame MC. If any of those turn you off, you’d best not read it.)

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