When I started to develop superpowers, I thought I’d hit the jackpot. Power, respect, women: the Supers have them all. My life was finally going to change.

Then I was branded a villain, betrayed by those closest to me, and tossed into a ‘re-education facility’ to be tortured.

Now I’m free – with a gorgeous, completely insane Super by my side who thinks I’m her King. Together we’ll get revenge on all those who have wronged us – and show them what real evil looks like.

You wanted a bad guy? You got one.

Warning: This book contains villainy, vice and unconventional relationships. You know what to expect.

NOTE: Portions of this book appeared in 2017 as the “Alpha Addiction” serial. Compulsion King is a radically expanded full-length novel based loosely on that serialized story.

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