Dungeons & Gangsters 3 is out! Honestly, might be the best book I’ve ever written. More than anything, it has style and intrigue, some good laughs too, though of the very dark comedy kind. Time to be a gangster!

Marco Frazetta

An up and comer, that’s what I am.

In this city, it’s all about making the right moves. But you gotta keep your mind open. A McDonald’s employee, a crooked cop, a Texan car dealer, the right connection can come from anywhere. It can lead to piles of cash, to glory… but play your cards wrong, and it can lead to the gutter, to a bullet in the head.

That’s why a guy like me, along with my goblin lackey, we need to blow off steam. That’s why I enjoy the company of ladies of the night… but even the ladies can pose all kinds of risks… maybe even worse ones than out on the street.

To top it all off, I’m pretty sure some Kobold terrorists are planning on blowing up the city.

What’s a hobgoblin wise guy like me to do? Why, man up and do the one thing I know how: be a stone cold gangster. (Note: You can start reading the series here and it will still make sense, if you prefer).

Warning: This book contains explicit language, explicit action, explicit everything. Adults only, all that jazz. If you’re a precious snowflake, this book is a friggin’ flame thrower.

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