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New Harem GameLit Release: Enhancer 4

Ty Wilcox is in for a rough day. He wants nothing more than the chance to recover from the aftereffects of a power-enhancing drug he had taken, but life has other plans. Superpowered villains are flexing their muscles with horrific results, and Ty has no choice.

There are lives at risk, and it’s up to him to save them.

But if he wants to defeat the main villain for good, he has to figure out what the villain is planning, and his only source of information is a man in a coma.

He knows what he has to do. He just doesn’t know if he can.

Warning and minor spoilers: Like the other books in the series, “Enhancer 4” is an 18+ book intended for mature readers. It contains sex, violence, and nudity, but it’s all very tastefully done. It includes very light gamelit elements, occasional bad language, and is set in a cyberpunk alternate future. Most of all, you will find an engaging superhero adventure story with a few unexpected twists.

The Enhancer series was written to entertain. If you’re looking for a fun read, you’ve come to the right place.

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