(Warning: If you hate harems, graphic sex and cheesy Gen 1 Pokemon references, DO NOT read on. For the rest of you…)

What If Instead Of Pocket Monsters, You Caught Monster Girls?

For Yoshi Soysauce, this is his life. Like all trainers, his goal is to build his dream team of six, powerful girlfriends, take on the Merah League and become the greatest girlfriend master that ever lived.

The day he’s meant to leave his hometown of Topaz, he sleeps in. The starters Vara, Charmaine and Bubblina are claimed by other trainers. He absolutely cannot live with his parents for another year, so he begs Professor Poke for a spare girlfriend.

Poke lends him Starlotte, a quiet interstellar-type with no attacking moves or memory of how she was captured. The deal? Find his lab assistant in the next town, make the delivery then return her. No using her for battles, period. If he sees a wild girlfriend, he must escape.

From the very first wild girlfriend he faces, Yoshi quickly finds out that the only way he can become the trainer he wishes to be is not by escaping, but instead breaking the rules and running head-first into the battle.

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