The worst has happened. A hostile force has invaded the region and overrun Haven.

Having been knocked unconscious at the beginning of the surprise attack, David awakens to a nightmare: two days have passed, and the Marauders own everything. All of the settlements are completely under their control, almost everyone in the whole region has been captured, and their patrols are everywhere.

But it isn’t all hopeless. They’ve prepared for this, and as David heads out into the night to learn just how bad things are, he begins running into his friends who are still free and very much active. Now, he must gather together his scattered allies to begin a campaign of guerilla warfare against the Marauders. They will have to rescue their allies, take out patrols, and scavenge whatever supplies they can get their hands on.

It’s not going to be easy, but David has fought way too hard to make this place his home to give up now…

HAVEN 8 contains a happy, polyamorous relationship and a whole lot of hot human-on-inhuman sex, as well as a lot of violence.

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