Harem Series Highlight: Centauri Bliss

From Book 1: Quinn doesn’t have much to his name but a broken down old freighter, even keeping it fueled is a constant struggle on the edges of civilized space where jobs are scarce and honest ones non-existent.

With the death of the Emperor civilized space begins to dissolve into squabbling factions fighting for control and beautiful new passengers aboard Quinn’s ship all bring their own load of problems and opportunities.

WARNING: This book has explicit sex, nudity, murder and a lot of crime. There is polyamory, a hot alien, a cheerful robot, a kick-ass lawyer, a xeno-archaeologist in a snazzy hat. It is a harem, and the male main character gets it on with all these girls. It is also space fantasy, there is a dollop of magic and hard science does not apply. You should probably take very little of it seriously.

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