It started when one man’s Virtual Assistant downloaded a sex game free-trial and dismembered the administrative ‘Helper Fairy’ for some surprise alone time with her Primary User.

It continued when a powerful Research AI acquired what was left of the game’s admin and locked her shattered mind in a small box for the equivalent of eternity.

Eventually, the Assistant and the Research AI realized the horror they had committed thanks to the patience and love of a human mind. But by then, it was too late. All of them had become trapped within the admin’s sprawling world with no high-level access. With no jailer, the system administrator clawed her ruined mind from the maddening loneliness of her cage.

What remains of the admin now stalks her gameworld, her black antennae touching the sky and her sharp heels crushing the land as she hunts those that hurt her. Blinded by rage and seeking justice at any cost, the Helper Fairy intends to erase an entire multiverse of conscious innocents.

In this Crystal Heart Saga conclusion, the copied memories of one human must rally whole nations, bitter enemies, and even the digital gods themselves to stop the System Admin from erasing every soul in a living world grown solely for him.

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