Amazing Fights! Cultivation! Monster Girls!

Mixed Martial Arts champion, John LeBrock, left Earth for the world of Azura. John learned the importance of cultivating the world’s magical energy called myst. Through this cultivation, John would be able to rise through the ascension ladder to unlimited power.

John became one of the strongest cultivators at the Temple of the Weeping Sun in the beautiful region of Starfall. John’s rapid ascension and intense ambition begins to frustrate the Cosmic Observator, Hektor, causing a wide rift between the two powerful cultivators.

John’s relationship with the beautiful cat girl, Yitri Mazue, and the bombshell MMA fighter Rhonda Jensen grows stronger but not all is as perfect as it may seem. The mixed martial cultivator’s journey will introduce him to more gorgeous women to join his ever growing circle of lovers.

Will John ascend fast enough to satisfy his ambition?

Is the Temple of the Weeping Sun becoming a stumbling block to John’s ascension?

Can John keep all of the women in his life happy and fulfilled?

This Cultivation LitRPG includes intimate scenes that are described in great detail, graphic violence, profanity, and smokin’ hot women (including monster girls) who are all in a relationship with one lucky man. So, if you don’t like these wonderful things, this isn’t the book for you! Otherwise, you are in for a wild ride!

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