Scott Ambrose fought the good fight, but with his life stuck on an unending repeat of death and frustration, he has chosen to break the cycle. In order to save his friends from the zombie plague that kills them with each reload of the world, he has chosen to journey into a new fantastical parody world to get the help and resources he needed. It is a world of sorcery and steel. A place he refers to affectionately as, Fantasy Australia.

With the help of a non-union parody equivalent to a certain goddess of uselessness, an overly amorous and masochistic crusader, and a strangely attractive lich, he seeks the answer to the puzzle that haunts his mind. Can he cure the zombie plague? Can he save his friends?

This story is a work of parody. It borrows only as much from the source as is needed to tell the tale and nothing more. It contains adult situations, sexual situations, gore, and a useless goddess who is mostly her own worst enemy.

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