Awakenings can be a bitch, especially after the one you cared for and loved almost killed you. Having survived a sword to the chest, Cain is given exactly what he wanted from the start: the freedom to do what he can and want to create that piece of paradise for himself and his people. Earth, however, isn’t so keen on letting them go, especially not with what they consider a part of Earth’s space-fleet and officers.

A chance encounter brings them face to face with an old enemy, one which he would give anything to finally get rid of. Things get out of hand when a third party intervenes in their plans of conquest and the number of enemies keeps on rising. How far is Cain willing to go to achieve what he rebelled for, and what is he willing to sacrifice to get there?

This novel contains light litrpg and stats, a lot of violence, swearing, explicit scenes, and multiple love-interests focused around the MC. Read at your own risk

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