Another Reckoning approaches, and only a dragon can stop it.

As the Inquisitrix’s mighty war fleet bears down upon Highwind, Jorem and his companions prepare to make their last stand. The Knights of the Silver Fist have regained much of their power, and the Dragon of Highwind has finally been unleashed. For the first time in months, hope reigns over despair.

But the Inquisitrix has more than mere armies, ships, and wyverns at her disposal. She is a Conduit to the Fallen Gods – she wields a power unseen since the destruction of the fabled Wyrm Lords. One way or another, her war against sorcery is about to come to an end.

Reckoning is the thrilling, sexy conclusion to The Amazon’s Vengeance.

**Content Warning: This book contains fantasy violence and numerous explicit sex scenes, including male-female, female-female, and male-female-female couplings**

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