Choose an afterlife. Choose a class. Choose adventure.

When Conrad died, they uploaded him to New Albion, a digital afterlife system. It’s an adults only VRMMO game, created to indulge users’ fantasies within a fully immersive, classic fantasy setting.

Now he stalks the forests of Tinshire as Vandal Lionheart, adventuring barbarian. His rusty gladius may be small and his loincloth revealing, but his six-pack is pronounced, his biceps bulging, and his most treasured weapon is as mighty as his chest measurement.

Vandal is level one and on his first quest, when he picks up a side quest to rescue a prisoner.

Emily became Roxy Lickspring, a petite goblin shaman with killer curves who deploys healing and lightning bolt spells as eagerly as the sharp mind and wicked tongue she uses to prove the AI used their fantasies to match them up.

Can they defeat the Cult of Libidos and build a life together?

Get Rescuing Roxy now if you like the idea of slow-burn* GameLit harem with an American hero and an English heroine. Inside you’ll find vulgar language, strong violence, humour, saucy serving wenches, lewd shopkeepers, evil cultists, various sizes of rodent, bandits, finishing moves, slice-of-life elements, questing, sewer crawls, experience gain, and a bad guy receiving an implied punishment so horrific, it may have to be removed in a future version. It is only suitable for adult readers as it contains explicit scenes. * Vandal’s harem will grow in the next book.

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