Sketch 2 is out! It’s the conclusion to the Sketch series… and honestly the ending touched something deep inside me, as I relate to Eddie in a lot of ways.

If you don’t know the basic premise, Sketch is about a guy who obtains the power to draw things into reality. Money, spaceships, fantasy women, he can draw anything into existence—he just can’t change things that already exist. This power gets out of control, and Eddie starts acting recklessly, and even becomes kind of an a-hole in some ways. Sketch 2 is the conclusion to all this, the arc of redemption, where Eddie has to face the deep emotions that have brought him to such a dark place. The struggles of creative people, artists, writers are unique, and in a way Sketch was all about this theme…


Marco Frazetta

Every man has problems. It turns out… gods have even more!

I was living the high life, enjoying the powers of my cosmic sketchbook, when everything fell apart. There was a cosmic battle at the museum of history, where I actually drew all kinds of epic warriors into existence. I barely managed to destroy that cosmic horror in the sky… but at a heavy price. My beautiful priestess fell into a coma, and the authorities were after me, since I gave my secret away in that very public battle for the fate of LA. Everything was lost…

So I did what any red blooded, Regular Joe would do: I drew a giant space station into existence, fled to outer-space, pumped my body full of artificial adrenaline to keep myself awake for three months straight… and plotted.

Now it’s time I return to LA and set things right. This time, nothing’s going to stop me from creating everything I’ve ever wanted, with my magic sketchbook!

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Warning: This audiobook contains explicit language, explicit action, explicit everything. Adults only, all that jazz. If you’re a precious snowflake, this audiobook is a friggin’ flame thrower.

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