An experiment gone wrong. A young man thrust across space. A desert planet ruled by human slavers, who trade in the most precious commodity in the galaxy: women.

Xander Cross has spent most of his life on the sidelines. But when a particle collider malfunctions, transporting him and his best friend, Rachel, to a desert planet, where she’s quickly captured by slavers, it’s up to him to save the day. Yet, even with the help of four of Dardekum’s most powerful Purifiers, women who are as deadly as they are gorgeous, it’ll be almost impossible to get Rachel back from the planet’s cruelest slaver.

Will Xander be able to save her in time?

“Slaves of Dardekum” is a red-hot harem book for men. If you like science fiction, beautiful women, and cannibalistic mutants who bleed green blood, then you’ll love reading this book.
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