New Book! This is my love letter to Power Rangers, Gundam, Voltron, and of course, warrior women from space! This was less grim and dark than some of my other books. Bo Wingman is the main character, and he’s a straightforward, well intentioned every man, without much of an emo, angsty side, without a temptation to darkness. The story focuses on the action, adventure, huge mech battles with giant alien horrors, discovering powers, and of course, saving the world. The story is super fast paced. Bo starts off as a regular guy working at a mine in Utah, and a few pages later he’s facing alien horrors and draped in a badass space suit which gives him incredible powers. There are a lot of abilities and backstory to explain, but I made sure to incorporate all this information into the quick-paced story, so that we readers are learning about the world along with Bo, who is doing so while fighting for his life. Check it out! Would love to hear your thoughts!
Oh, and it’s only 99 cents for this release week!

Marco Frazetta

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