My name’s Noah Kilmartin. I’m from Ruddock, Ohio, and I’m about 85% unqualified to save the universe from the slavering demonic hordes of the super evil bitch queen Lilith.

But I haven’t failed yet.

Somehow I’ve passed the five trials, accumulated a team of powerful companions, and made it through the portal into Ghogiel. It feels like I’ve done so much already, but truth is, I’m just getting started. A whole universe lies before me, chock full of Lilith’s followers and demons, and it’s my job to not only find my way to her personal realm, but do so without losing my sanity, morality, or any of my companions.

Wish me luck. I’m going to need it.

Warning and minor spoilers: “The Hindering Ones” is an 18+ book intended for mature readers. It contains graphic sex, medieval violence, and nudity.

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