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New Harem GameLit Release: We Could Be Heroes 2

Book Two. Even crazier than book one. New powers. April showers. May flowers. Gamelit superhero romp. What would you do with a superpowered sense of smell (aside from avoiding porta potties at Renfest)? Be best. Buy now. Don’t second guess. Vampires suck. But you already knew that. Tiger girls. Roar.

Luckily for all of us, I’ve given up my day job of being a Texas-New England beat poet to bring you We Could Be Heroes Book Two!


This book is linked to House of Dolls, but is way lighter (sorry, necrophilia fans), and revolves around a ragtag bunch of superhero hopefuls who have taken it upon themselves to rid Centralia of a vampiric epidemic. It also has CBG vibes in terms of campiness and sexy fun, especially book two. Shit, is sex with a ghost necrophilia? It has to be something. (Do not google, Harmon). Doesn’t matter, dammit, read, it’s lighthearted and fun and action-y and tongue-in-cheek.

Audio and MUSIC forthcoming by SBT, and holy fick do they have a line-up: Justin Thomas James, Jeff Davis, Andrea Parsneau and Annie Ellicott.

Harmon Cooper

~Power up!~

–Sam Meeko has a superpowered sense of smell. It only gets stranger from there.

–Ozella Rose can heal or cause damage through a blue ghost named Dinah. 

–Zoe Goa Ramone is a half-morphed tiger girl, and no, she’s not happy about the fact.

–Helena Knight has the power of hypnosis and a vast fortune at her disposal.

With an epidemic set to spread across all of Centralia, the four would-be heroes head to the Southern Alliance in search of answers. Rune magic, harsh conditions, intense combat, kidnapping — their trip south will have repercussions that may put an end to the group once and for all. 

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(Warning: colorful language and adult situations, action and mayhem, GameLit/LitRPG and harem elements. This series was inspired by the comic books Chew and The Tick, the movie Kick-Ass and the anime DeathnoteWe Could Be Heroes is set in the same world as the 

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