John Dies in the Second Chapter!
How’s that for a spoiler? In this exciting addition to the Incubus RA franchise, John Cutter finds himself romancing his way through the afterlife and facing all new perils in Horcross City. But is this the end of our hero? Obviously not! Fan favorite ladies return, and new, interesting characters are introduced for the very first time. From vampiric Dusk Elves to angels, demons, goblins, and more, John is ready and willing to stick his key in every lock to do right by his girls.

If you liked Incubus RA Parts 1 & 2, then you’re going to love where this series is headed next!

CONTENT WARNING: Yes, just like every other book in this series, the content in Part 3 is for adults only and features harem relationships paired with extremely explicitly described… situations. You’ve been warned. A bunch of times, frankly.

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