Adventurers aren’t born in a day, they’re forged in the trials of the Mage Tower.

I never got used to my father’s oppressive rule in the Underworld. That’s why I decided to escape my fate as the future Demon Lord and reincarnate into the realm of Ria.

My plan? As Luc Vale, the mortal mage, I’ll live out a real life and become an adventurer.

But first, I must master this world’s new magic at the Tower Guild Academy. After forming a party with a gorgeous and clumsy woman, I learned that being human is nothing like I imagined.

Not only is my new smelly body weaker than I’m used to, I’ve also discovered the… distractions of carnal pleasure.
All is going according to plan until a danger emerges that threatens all of Ria. I should be strong enough to vanquish the Tower’s dark secret.

As long as no one discovers who I truly am.

~If you like light-hearted romance, quirky humor, and a dash of adventure, this story is for you. Great for anime weebs who enjoy shows like How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord.

(Contains unconventional relationships and adult situations.)

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